Branding Packages & Pricing

Ready to personalize your branding and take your business to the next level? Whether you’re starting out on a tight budget, or you’ve built up a strong base and you’re ready to step up your game, there’s a branding package that’s right for you.



What’s included?

  • Headshots that show off your personality to use across your platforms

Who’s it for?

  • The entrepreneur on a budget who needs a professional face for their company

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What’s included?

Everything from Start Up, plus:

  • A full slate of images for every page of your website that tell your business story

  • Additional images that continue your story on social media, with ideas for ways to use them

  • A custom consultation and a tailored package - you get exactly what you need

Who’s it for?

  • The entrepreneur who’s ready to stand out from their competition and attract more of the right customers paying the right prices

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What’s included?

Everything from Level Up, plus:

  • Multiple shoots to include all members of your team

  • Multiple locations if needed, to fully tell your story

  • Images that show not only who you are as a business owner, but who you are as a person, to really draw in your ideal clients

Who’s it for?

  • The entrepreneur who’s ready to be THE go-to person in their area, making their next-level business the only choice for their ideal clients and customers

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Start Up

You’re looking for a few truly fabulous images of yourself. You want to look and feel fantastic, since you’ll be using these images on your “About Me” page, as your profile picture across social media, for your LinkedIn page, on press releases, on your business cards and flyers...these photos will be seen by a lot of people! An iPhone selfie just isn’t going to cut it.

What’s Included?

  • A telephone planning call:

    • Chat about your headshot uses, vibe, and personality aspects you want to showcase

    • Discuss preparation for the session, including location and wardrobe

  • Your session:

    • Professionally guided for natural poses and expressions

    • Thirty minutes of comfortable and relaxed posing, creating headshots that shine with personality and sincere feeling

  • Your images:

    • Professional images where you look and feel great

    • A variety of poses to use across your website and social media

    • Consistent profile pictures that help solidify your brand identity

Who’s ready to Start Up?

  • The entrepreneur who wants to personalize their brand and create a connection with their ideal customers

  • The business owner who is on a budget for both time and money, but prioritizes using professional images as the face of their brand

Typical investment: $200-300

Erin was a blast to work with. She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, even while there’s a camera staring you down ;) I really appreciated her balance of being efficient with time but also not rushing you along. She took the time to ask questions about what I was hoping for, showing me samples along the way, and touching up the photos as appropriate. Would definitely work with her again!
— Melissa


Level Up

You need custom images for every page of your website. You’re looking for images of your business, and that means all of the different hats you wear as an entrepreneur. Your customer experience is personal, and your website should be personalized too. Don’t rely on those stock images when you can have custom images that show your prospective clients and customers exactly what you offer, and how awesome you are at it!

What’s Included?

  • An in-person planning meetup before your session:

    • Chat about every aspect of your brand, from values and service to colours and symbols and more

    • Review your current images on your website and social media

    • Determine what you need to stand out from your competition and be the best

    • Discuss recommendations for wardrobe, location, items that need to appear in images to tell your brand story

  • Your session:

    • Professionally directed in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed

    • Natural poses and expressions that communicate your personality and brand values

    • An hour of enjoyable chatting at your work location while creating the images that beautifully tell your brand’s story

  • Your images:

    • A fabulous image for the top of your homepage that shows visitors exactly what your business is all about

    • An outstanding set of images for the rest of your website, including photos that showcase your product and service

    • Beautiful business portraits, with headshots and images of you at work that feel natural and showcase your personality and passion for what you do

    • A variety of superb images for your social media that show off the details of your business, the love and attention that you put into your brand, and the personality that only you can bring to your customers

  • A post-session in-person implementation meetup:

    • Devise a plan for getting your amazing images seen by your dream customer on your website, social media, and in print

Who’s ready to LEVEL UP?

  • The hardworking entrepreneur who’s ready to take their marketing to the next level and attract more of their ideal customers

  • The go-getter who needs to show the world how awesome they are at what they do, and isn’t afraid to stand out in their field

  • The business owner with heart who gives their customers an experience that’s a cut above the competition and wants an online presence to match

Typical investment: $500-1000

I love the images and service Erin provided for my business! She is incredibly conscientious, thoughtful and personable, so I felt confident Erin would be able to capture the right images to help tell our story - and she did! From our pre-shoot discussion to the final edits, Erin consulted to create a selection of images which expressed just what I wanted to say about my business. Many thanks, Erin, for all of your time, and careful consideration.
— Jodie


Rise Up

You’ve got competitors in your field, but no one comes close to the service and quality you offer. You’re stepping up your game in a major way, and your customers are going to sit up and take notice. You’re embracing the power of your personal story, and the story of your brand. Nothing but custom images across your website, advertising, and social media, with a wide variety of images tailored to different pages and posts, including images that let your clients connect with your personal life. We’re going to tell the story of your business, and the story of who you are as a person. Your ideal clients and customers will come running when they connect to you on a personal level, and they’ll be repeat customers because of the loyalty and relationship you build when you share who you are with them.

What’s Included?

  • An in-person planning meetup before your session:

    • Chat about your story, your brand story, what your guiding values are, and how best to communicate these stories in your images

    • Review your current images on your website and social media, whether they contribute to the story you want to tell, and how to take your brand story to the next level

    • Determine the points of connection for your ideal customer that will put you first and foremost in their mind and make you the only choice for them

    • Create a plan for wardrobe, location, items that need to appear in images to tell your personal brand story

  • Your session:

    • Professionally guided and directed so you’re at your natural best

    • A half-day (or multiple one-hour visits) of relaxed image-making fun, including multiple outfit changes, locations, and activities, to fully tell your story

    • Documenting you doing what you love and creating a personal connection that will bring you more of your ideal clients

    • Includes your whole team at work, showcasing everyone who makes the dream work

  • Your images:

    • A truly gorgeous image for the top of your homepage that perfectly captures what you do, and the unique way you do it

    • The perfect follow-up images to guide visitors through the rest of your home page and keep them browsing on your website

    • Flawless business portraits of you and your team, from crisp headshots for your About Me/Us page to beautiful images of you, the dynamic business owner, at work and play, showing your ideal customer that you’re the perfect fit for them

    • Amazing storytelling images for social media that show off who you are as a person, your passion for your business, your product or service, and the way you and your team create or deliver it, appealing directly to your ideal client’s desires

  • A post-session in-person implementation meetup:

    • Create a plan for getting your gorgeous images in front of your dream customer on your website, social media, and in print

Who’s ready to RISE UP?

  • The driven entrepreneur who’s built a business, and now wants to be THE go-to person for what they do

  • The passionate innovator who won’t settle for anything less than the very best

  • The ambitious business owner with a spark who’s ready to reach their goal of achieving higher profits, making more sales, and bringing in more of the perfect clients and customers who become loyal brand supporters

Typical investment: $1000-2000

Do your needs fall somewhere in between these packages? Not sure what your needs are? Get in touch with me to chat some more! I can create a custom package for you, or we can book a free consultation to explore your needs. Let’s get more of your ideal clients connecting with you!