Capture the moments that tell your story.

Lifestyle family, newborn, and personal branding photography in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Whether you love to silly-dance around your living room, flip pancakes in your kitchen on a weekend morning, chase your kids around your backyard, or share a laugh while you hike a trail, it's the sparkle in your eyes and the warmth in your smiles that show the special connection you share. These are the moments that make up your family's story. I'm here to help you tell your story, through beautiful family photography in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.


Build your dreams.

Personal branding photography that sets you apart from the rest.



You are awesome at what you do, and you want the world to know it! Whether you're working to get your small business off the ground, or you need personal branding images to go along with your latest adventure, I'm here to help you show everyone who you are and what you stand for. Build relationships by being the face of your business or venture. Ditch those stock photos and use beautiful, custom images that show you doing what you do best.


Have fun with it!

Comfortable and relaxed sessions produce images as unique as you are.




Your memories should look and feel as genuine and meaningful as the moments that created them. You embrace something different, something personal, something distinctive and authentic. Something that will wow your friends and family, and touch your heart every time you see it. You relish your memories captured in a true-to-life and beautifully artistic way that just feels like you.



Make the little moments meaningful.

Photography that captures who you are while you forget about the camera.


Happy family laughing with two girls in a wagon, Family photography Kitchener
These are the precious moments and times I truly cherish at our home. My kids warmed up to Erin and were themselves with her behind the lens. Erin captured exactly what I was after.
— Christina


Become a client, feel like a friend.

Relax -- you're in good hands!



You'd love to have beautiful images on your walls that feature your family, capture your personalities, and make your friends just a little jealous, right? I know it's so easy to put off booking a photo session, feeling like you won't look your best, or worrying that your kids are in a stage where they'll misbehave. Don't worry, I've got your back! I'll have you feeling relaxed and comfortable, so you'll forget about feeling awkward in front of the camera, and you'll look naturally beautiful. I've got tricks up my sleeve to get real smiles from your kids, and lots of patience for anything they're up to. Most importantly, we'll have fun, and you'll end up with images that shine with your story.


Fill your home with memories.

Wall art and products you're proud to display and share.



Your home is filled with love and warmth. You're building a life, one genuine moment at a time. While you're filling your home with precious memories, surround yourself with them too. Tell the story of your family throughout your home. Make the moments you treasure into meaningful artwork, to remind you where you've been, and show you where you're going.


Lifestyle photography
in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Beautiful, meaningful, personal.



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