Family Sessions

Tell your family’s story, one moment at a time



You keep meaning to take family photos, but somehow it falls to the bottom of your to-do list, right? I understand why: you're worried it won't be perfect. Kids might misbehave, your partner might not be into it, you might not love the way you look... So many reasons to put it off! You want to come away with gorgeous, personal art for your home that makes your family the envy of everyone who sees it. If only you could skip the photo session and somehow just have the photos created!

Book with me, and you'll have the next best thing: a photo session where you forget you're having your picture taken!

I'm here to take all of that pressure off. You'll feel comfortable, relaxed, and like you're hanging out with a friend. I'll give you some direction so you don't feel awkward, and then I'll let you have fun while I take care of making sure you look your best. I've got a trick or two up my sleeve to get a natural smile out of even the most grudging subjects. And I’ve got tons of great ideas for activities to catch your kids at their gleeful best.





Your experience is personalized from start to finish. It's exactly what you want it to be. We'll talk on the phone or by email, and establish your vision and goals for the session. Is there a particular activity you want to capture or document? Do you have a spot reserved on your wall for gorgeous art featuring your family? Are you looking for a unique and beautiful gift? Whether you've got a specific purpose in mind, or a general desire to capture some moments with your family at your current stage, we'll work together to make sure your experience is just right for you.


Creating Your Images



During your session, you get to relax and focus on having fun! That's how you'll look your best. I'll take care of making everyone feel comfortable and figuring out how best to capture your family according to your vision. Worried your kids won't behave? Mine don't always either! It doesn't fluster me at all. I'll just go with the flow and catch your sweethearts in a good moment! I'll work with your vision and goals in mind, and create images you'll love. The whole experience will feel effortless and enjoyable for you. We can do a session at your home (inside or outside), at a nearby park or playground, out on a trail walk…we’ve got lots of options locally for great places to take photos!


Viewing and Ordering



One week after your session, we'll get together so you can see your gorgeous photos! You'll have the opportunity to view all of your edited images, and select the images that you love the most. You're welcome to purchase the digital files of your favourite images. I believe that photographs are meant to be printed and displayed, and I love to help clients fill their homes with memories. We can create wall art arrangements, gifts for family, or any print product that would make you proud to showcase your beautiful family. The possibilities are endless!

I absolutely love the family photos Erin took for us. Neither me or my husband feel very comfortable in front of a camera, but she made it feel like we were just hanging out chatting with her... and she was somehow taking amazing pictures the whole time! The way she edited the photos is beautiful too. They look so bright and perfect. I’m so happy to finally have pictures of us all together. Thank you Erin!!
— Sara



So, what are you waiting for?

Stop putting it off to lose some weight, or grow your hair. Don't wait for your kid's missing tooth to come in, or for their behaviour to change. And don't hold out for your reluctant partner to jump at the idea. All of these things that are holding you back now are the same things you'll look back on nostalgically as defining features of this stage in your life. And that's a good thing!

Real life isn't perfect, but it's real, and it's beautifully, uniquely you. That alone makes it worth capturing these moments.