Are you looking for a relaxed, fun photography experience that feels true to who you are, and gives you amazing images?

Hi, I'm Erin. I can help.


You want beautiful photographs, and you want to be in them, but let’s face it: having your photo taken can feel awkward! What do I do with my hands? How do I smile convincingly when all I see is that empty lens? And even before the session starts, there’s so much to worry about! There’s figuring out what to wear, whether everyone will cooperate, and whether after all this trouble, you’ll even be happy with the results. It’s a big investment, and a lot of work, and it feels like it would be easier to put it off for another day than figure it all out now. Right?

I absolutely love the family photos Erin took for us. Neither me or my husband feel very comfortable in front of a camera, but she made it feel like we were just hanging out chatting with her... and she was somehow taking amazing pictures the whole time!
— Sara

But you really do want those beautiful images, and you really do want to be in them! So let’s make it happen for you! We can do this! A session with me is easy and fun. Just like hanging out with a friend. Why? Because I’m genuinely interested in you and your story, just like a friend. And just like a really good friend, I won’t let you smile with broccoli in your teeth or stand around with your fly open. I’ve got your back! So you can relax, let your guard down, and just be yourself and do your thing. Let me work on making the images beautiful. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have during a photo session, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Erin is an amazing photographer! As someone who isn’t fond of having her picture taken she made me feel so at ease. The majority of the time I wasn’t even aware she was taking the pictures! I love that the results are genuine snapshots of me doing what I love. None of them are posed and the fact that she was able to get such great photos by just watching me and snapping them at just the right moment shows how skilled she is!
— Alex

Me, 9 years old, with my camera and my fingerprint t-shirt, which I truly believed was "totally rad". Photo credit: Mom.

Me, 9 years old, with my camera and my fingerprint t-shirt, which I truly believed was "totally rad". Photo credit: Mom.

Like you, I love my family more than I can say. My children are, of course, the most brilliant and wonderful kids ever! Even when they're being little monkeys. :) I have a daughter (6) and a son (2), and they inspire and challenge me in new and different ways almost daily.

My greatest drive and joy is being creative. I love photography, for clients and for my own creative outlet too. I also love theatre, especially musical theatre. Anything where I get to make stuff is ok with me, so I love getting crafty in all kinds of ways! I also have a weird love for assembling IKEA furniture. I can’t wait until my kids get into Lego! (Except then I’ll have to let them build, right?) My love of making stuff also extends to baking: brownies, cookies, squares, pies, cupcakes. This works nicely with my sweet tooth!

I believe in being kind, and doing good in the world however you can. Sometimes I do big, dramatic good, like the time in my second year of teaching when I took a group of 18 high school students with another teacher to Kenya, on a Me to We trip to build a new classroom at a rural school. It was amazing and eye-opening for all of us! More often, I try to do smaller-scale, everyday good, like adding a couple of items for the Food Bank when we grocery shop, or reaching out to a friend going through a tough time. I’m looking forward to a time when I have more free time to volunteer, when my kids are a little bit older. At the end of the day, I’m just trying to raise kids who will be good people, so I try to walk the talk and be kind at every turn! I grew up on Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and the Muppets, and I’m inspired by Jim Henson, who wrote, “My hope still is to leave this world a little bit better for my being here.”

I overuse the word "awesome," but I always mean it. I’m an enthusiastic person, and I try to remember to find the joy in little moments as often as possible. Having said that, raising two kids is tough, and sometimes you’ve really gotta dig, looking for that joy! Sometimes I dig deep enough and I find chocolate, which is joy of a different kind…

I love chocolate. I wish I loved kale the way I love chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate syrup on vanilla frozen yogurt (the kind with the chocolate chunks and caramel ribbon) is my jam. Picking through Halloween treats, I look for Reese’s cups (who doesn’t?) and Mars bars. If you really want to win my heart, a Rhéo Thompson mint smoothie is the way to go! (Soooo worth the drive to Stratford!)

I laugh easily and smile often. I laugh until I cry when my sisters start re-telling classic family stories of childhood silliness. You’ll always get me with a good Friends reference. (“Pivot!”) Kids crack me up because they’re so earnest, and so brutally honest. I love kids with no filter.

I pride myself on the outstanding, personalized service I offer, and the little touches that make your experience feel special. If you're looking for a fun and effortless experience that leads to beautiful images, let's chat!