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Your business is your dream in action, and you are the face of it. You work so hard, and you're proud of the great relationships you build with clients. Your business is built on getting to know your clients, earning their trust, and working hard to deliver outstanding service for them. You want to stand out because of who you are and what you offer that's unique. You want your reputation to sparkle, and your hard work to speak for itself. 

You know how awesome you are at what you do! You need branding images of you and your business that make you stand out from your competition, and give your client the right first impression. It's so easy to put off updating the images of yourself and your business. They need to be just right. You are the face of your business. You need branding photos that do more than show how you look; they need to show who you are, and what you stand for

Because I have an online business and usually can’t meet with my clients in person, I really wanted to have great brand photos that speak to who I am and what I do so my clients can feel comfortable trusting me with their work. Erin delivered with photos that made me look relaxed, approachable, and knowledgeable, which was exactly what I was hoping they’d convey. Every step of the way, from the actual photography to the editing and delivery, Erin made sure that I was happy with the process. She’s an absolute blast to work with and I would definitely do it again!
— Sarah

I'm here to make your branding shoot simple, beautiful, pain-free, and just what you're looking for! I won't even pick up my camera until we've had a good talk about your business, your values, what you want your customers to think of your brand, and what you want your images to communicate to the world.

Don't like having your photo taken? You're not alone there either! I'll keep your session efficient and light, give you something else to focus on besides the lens, and I'll direct you (and chat with you!) the whole time, so there won't be a spare moment to feel uncomfortable. I've got lots of ideas and tips for flattering poses, and ways to communicate your vibe. We'll work where you feel comfortable, so your session will feel easy and natural

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