6 Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Family Photos - Family Photographer Kitchener-Waterloo


Without a doubt, the most popular time of year to book family photos is fall. It’s understandable: the leaves are beautiful, the air is crisp, and holiday cards are just around the corner.

While a session in fall has its own kind of charm, don’t miss out on the advantages that a summer family photography session can offer!

Here are 6 reasons why summer is absolutely the perfect time for your family photo session.


1. It’s more relaxed.

There’s just something about summer, isn’t there? Maybe it’s more sun, more fresh air, or just a reminder to seize the moment because the season doesn’t last long, but whatever it is, everyone seems more relaxed. When you’re more in the mood for fun, there’s no question that your photo session will be more enjoyable. Let’s take advantage of that summer feeling!


2. The weather is more predictable.

It’s not impossible to have rain on a photo session date through the summer, but it’s much more likely in the fall that we’ll have to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. In summer, we can pretty reasonably expect warm temperatures and sunny or partially sunny days, and we can plan things like where to have the session and what to do during your session accordingly.


3. Wardrobe options are fun.

Along with more predictable weather comes more wardrobe options. Think sundresses, tank tops and shorts, or matching short-sleeved button-ups, along with cute hats and shades. Summer definitely affords you warm weather clothing options, and a near-guarantee that you and your kids won’t have to wear a jacket covering up that perfect outfit.


4. The days are longer.

The long days of summer often mean kids stay up a little later, which can be perfect for family photo sessions. Photographers love “golden hour” light: it’s the soft, warm light that comes about an hour before the sun sets. Even if your kids aren’t old enough to stay up to see the later sunset times of summer, longer days mean we can book your session in the evening without causing too much rush and stress for your family. And if you do want to go for that delicious golden hour light, we can take our time and have a relaxed experience.


5. There are some fantastic location options.

Every season has its own traditional locations, and you’re sure to have your favourites. For me, I love that the fun of strawberry picking, the calm beauty of the lavender farm, even the vibe of the beach are all available options in the summer! Even if we stay closer to your home, gardens look their best, forest trails are lush, and playgrounds are all the right vibrant colours to match the mood of summer.


6. The light and the colours create images you will love year-round.

My favourite reason to book your family photo session in the summer is the way your photos will turn out. After all, you’ll remember the experience (and we’ll make it a fun one!) but what you’ll see on your walls is the beautiful result, and that’s really why you book a photo session. In the light of summer, everything outside looks lush and green. Colours are vibrant and varied. It’s warm, bright, and natural. For me, that’s exactly the kind of image I want to look at year-round in my home. If you feel the same, a summer session could be perfect!

If you’re ready to book your photo session for summer, fall, winter, or spring, click here to get in touch with me!