Mini-Session Policies

Use of Images

Thank you for booking Erin Watt Photography! It's highly likely that you booked me after seeing my images online, so I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s vitally important to my business that I can use your images to promote and market my photography services. It’s important for me to clarify that the images I take during our session together may in the future be used on my website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, other social media page, or in any other promotional material, including print materials. It might also be the case that I enter one of your images in a photography competition.  

By signing this contract you are granting me the permission to use the photographs in whole or in part without restriction anywhere, in any medium, for any purpose and altered in any way. You are releasing me from all claims of liability relating to the use of the photographs. Should you have concerns about the use of your images, please speak with me prior to your session, and we can discuss your concerns.

Booking Deposit and Payment

When you are ready to book your session, payment of your $150 mini-session fee will book  the time slot of your choosing. This fee is non-refundable, but may be transferable by mutual agreement of the client and the photographer. Please be certain of your availability before you book.


Please make every effort to be at your mini-session as scheduled. Because mini-sessions are available on a limited basis at specific locations, all mini-session bookings are final and non-refundable. They cannot be rescheduled to a new date or time. If you are unable to attend your mini-session, you are welcome to give or sell your session time to a friend or family member. Please advise me as soon as possible if this becomes the case.

I will make every effort to avoid having to cancel a mini-session, but from time to time an emergency, an illness, or other unavoidable circumstances may arise that require me to cancel. In this case, I will contact you as early as possible to advise you of the situation. It may be possible to reschedule at the original location or at a new location. A refund may be appropriate in the event that you are not able to attend the rescheduled date. Refunds will be given in the event that it is impossible to reschedule.

Adverse Weather

Sometimes the best photos happen on overcast days. Having said that, we don't want to be outside in a thunderstorm! In the days leading up to your mini-session, I will keep an eye on the weather forecast, and communicate with you about the possibility of moving to the predetermined “rain date” if necessary. Mini-sessions will not be rescheduled except in the event of truly adverse weather such as pouring rain, exceptionally high winds, or severe wind chill. Please be prepared to dress for weather conditions that include warmer or cooler than usual temperatures, light rain, or snow.

Your Images

After your session, I will carefully select the very best images to present to you. Please note that I do not show or release unedited images. Every image you see will be carefully selected and edited by me, and available for ordering in your online gallery.

Your Mini-Session

Please be ready at the agreed-upon location a few minutes before the start of your session to ensure that we can take advantage of the full time available to us. I book mini-sessions on a tight schedule in order to accommodate as many clients as possible at a given location. It is not possible to extend the mini-session should anyone arrive late. If you need to end the mini-session early, or if your children have had enough and are no longer willing to participate, we will simply stop. Please note that if there is remaining time in the session, and it is ended at your request, the remaining time is not transferable. I will absolutely do my best to give you a fantastic set of images to choose from, no matter what.

Throughout the mini-session, you are solely responsible for the welfare, behaviour, and actions of yourself and your family members. Please do not undertake or allow any activity which you deem to be unsafe.

Payment and Delivery of Images

Your images will be available for viewing approximately one week following your mini-session, in a private online gallery. I will notify you via email when they are available. You may use the gallery to make your selections, and any additional image purchases. The online gallery will be available for your convenience for one month following the mini-session. Please make your images selections in a timely manner to ensure that I can deliver them to you for your desired use as quickly as possible. Images will be delivered digitally, unless otherwise specified.

At this time, payment can be made via EMT, cash, or cheque. Payment is due in full before your mini-session begins.


Copyright of all images taken during the session remains the sole property of Erin Watt. I reserve the right to use any of the images from your shoot for advertising, display, competition entry, or publication. This includes but is not limited to: print samples, display at trade shows and community events, and website and social media use. I will ask you to sign a release form in advance of your session for yourself, and on behalf of your children who are under 18. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the release or the use of your images for any particular purpose, please let me know.

Any digital images you purchase are provided with the understanding of full printing rights for personal use only. It is not permitted to use or print these images for commercial purposes without the express consent of Erin Watt Photography.

Please do not alter in any way the digital images provided to you, including cropping, applying filters, or editing, if you are planning to post them online. If you wish an image re-edited, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.