4 Types of Branding Images To Attract Your Ideal Clients - Branding Photography Kitchener-Waterloo

Wondering what kinds of branding images you could possibly use to attract more of your ideal customers and clients? Not sure there’s anything interesting to photograph about what you do? Thinking about a branding session but not sure you need one?

Read on to find out 4 types of branding images that you can use to attract more of your dream clients!

1. You

Show who you are, not just what you look like.


Why your clients will love it: They want to put a face to your company! Your clients want to know who they’re supporting. It will help you stand out from your competition by personalizing your brand. Show your potential customers why your “about me” page couldn’t have been written by any of your competitors! Infuse your website and social media with your personality, and you’re sure to attract your ideal customers.

You need an image where you look your best, and also where you look like the version of yourself your clients are most likely to meet, both physically and in terms of personality. You need a headshot that’s more unique (and more flattering!) than the one on your driver’s license. Your headshot can help you communicate your brand values and the vibe of your business. Let’s get some images of you that really feel like you!

2. You working

Give your potential customers a look at exactly what they’re getting when they come to you.


Why your clients will love it: People want to know what to expect when they use a service or purchase a product. They want to be sure they can trust the person providing it, and they want to know it will be right for them. An image of you meeting with a client, creating your products, or working at your computer inspires greater trust than a stock photo, even if it’s showing approximately the same thing. Showing exactly what you do, and what kind of behind-the-scenes work you do that clients might not ordinarily see, helps potential customers build a relationship with you.

3. Where you work

Share a peek at where the magic happens


Why your clients will love it: Sure, we can all use Google Maps to see where we’re going, but walking into a business for the first time and recognizing key features makes your customers feel already at home. That familiarity helps cultivate trust and loyalty for you, because even before you’ve said a word, they’re seeing that what you advertise matches what they get with you. If you’ve got a physical location customers can visit, they’re more likely to get in the door when they can be sure that your business matches their vibe. If your business is online-only, showing clients where you work helps them to make the connection with you that they won’t get to make in person. And if you’re the kind of business that goes to your client, showing you working in a client’s space inspires trust in how you treat all of your clients’ spaces.

4. The details

The little things that make a big difference


Why your clients will love it: These are the images that really show the care you put into what you do. Capturing the details that are important to you helps to show your potential customers points of differentiation between you and your competition. It also clues them in that you’re an expert in your field. Showcasing details in your images will let your customers know that you’ll pay attention to every detail for them too.

Now that you’ve got some ideas of what your dream client wants to see from you, let’s get some images that will really appeal to them!

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