Is Lifestyle Photography for Me?

You've decided, or maybe you're still thinking about whether it's time to have a photo session and take some beautiful family pictures. Maybe you're looking for that perfect shot for your holiday cards, or you've got a blank spot on your wall that you'd love to fill with an image that makes you smile every time you walk past it.

You've done some research, looked for some inspiration, and now you're trying to decide what style of photography will produce that perfect image you're after. Is lifestyle photography right for you?


The answer is yes, if you're looking for a happy medium between very posed portraits on one hand, and pure documentary photography on the other hand. Lifestyle photography walks a fun, relaxed, creative line between the two. My goal is to capture images that tell the story of you and your family, just as you are in your everyday life, but with a little bit of planning to make sure that children are engaged in something they enjoy, and that you're in a spot where you're comfortable and there's nice natural light. I want to take pictures that really show your true personality, and have you looking your best at the same time.

Lifestyle sessions often revolve around an activity you like to do, and it can be anything from reading together, to doing crafts or baking, to a walk in the woods, or playtime in the yard. Choosing something that you like to do together is a great way to get some genuine smiles! 


A lifestyle session is right for you if you want to spend a fun and relaxed hour having fun with your family, and come away with images full of the laughter and love that fills your family. No need to worry about your children sitting still and smiling politely; I'll be sure to catch them being themselves and having fun. You'll come away with images that are a beautiful memory of this stage of your family's life.

If you're ready to book your lifestyle session, or if you have any questions, please click here to get in touch!