4 Great Reasons Your Brand Needs YOU! - Headshots (and more!) Kitchener-Waterloo


I had an interesting conversation recently with a group of entrepreneurs. We were talking about website images, and the struggle of knowing you need to be in them versus finding it easier to put off than figure out. After all, you’ve got to find someone you trust to take them, and even then, you worry about whether you’ll be happy with how you look in them.

And isn’t that the truth? Whether you’re running your own business or not, we can all relate to the feeling of feeling awkward about having your picture taken and finding it easy to put it off for another day. We’re all our own worst critics!

But if you are running your own business, your brand absolutely needs you to be the face of it, and I’m here to help!

Here are 4 great reasons why your brand needs to be personal:


1. You want to stand out

You know you’re awesome at what you do! And you know how long and hard you’ve worked at achieving your dream of running your own business. You want to stand out from the crowd because you’re dynamic, unique, and you do what do you with more heart and passion than anybody out there. So what better way to communicate those differences to your audience than through your personality?


2. You want your clients to know what you stand for

Your business reflects your morals, your ethics, and your standards. They guide everything you do, and every decision you make. Shouldn’t you share them with your clients? Letting your clients get to know more about you, who you are, and what you believe about what you do means your clients always know what they can expect from you.


3. Your business is your dream, and no one represents it better than you

Don’t let stock photos show off what you do! Your clients want to see you in action. They want to know exactly what to expect when they come to you. There are probably other people in your area doing what you do. So when potential customers are evaluating their options for your product or service, go the extra mile and show them the person behind the business!


4. You want to forge relationships with your clients

Your clients, your customers, your students, the people you serve are more than just numbers to you. You know each one personally, you know their story, you understand their needs and wants, and you appreciate the connection that you share with them. They want to feel the same way about you! Most clients want to feel personally valued and connected to the people who are helping them solve their problems.

Think about the people who help you solve many of your problems, by providing services like a fantastic haircut, keeping your car in good running order, or taking care of your family pet. Do you go back to the same business time and time again? Do you have the same person look after you? What keeps you loyal? Dollars to doughnuts, it’s a combination of the great job they do, and the personal relationship you have.

So how about this: you take care of doing the great job, and I’ll give you a boost on the personal relationship front by providing fantastic images you can use to let your clients get to know who you are and what you stand for!

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