Women's March 2018


The sun glinted off witty and heartfelt signs, and made a sea of pink hats look like neon beams. A particularly bright bounce of light caught my eye, and I turned to see her: a little girl, about my daughter's age, decked out in full Wonder Woman attire. And while the speakers, the organizers, the marchers, the singers, the drummers, the diverse group of women and men assembled in the square outside of City Hall had all gotten their message through in eloquent, strong, and beautiful ways, I was moved by the presence of this little girl. She was one of many children there, watching and listening, and learning.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but the participants in the Women's March would have turned out in any weather to fight for equality. The determination, the strength, the solidarity, and the inclusiveness of the march were inspiring and so heartening.


My deep hope for the future is that the little girl dressed as Wonder Woman, and every child, will grow up continuing to believe that they are capable of achieving any dream, and that all people are equal and deserve respect. I hope that we will all treat each other with compassion and empathy, and build each other up. We are all stronger when we empower one another.


For more information, to stay in touch, or get involved, you can follow Women's March Canada on Facebook. For support, resources, or volunteer opportunities specific to supporting survivors of sexual assault, please contact the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region.

Erin Watt