Printable Sloth Valentines!


Happy February, everybody! What better way to celebrate than with some printable valentines for your little valentine to give out? All you need is some cardstock and your printer, and you're ready to go! Your kids can practice their scissor skills cutting them out, and print their name on the back. You can even attach a pencil, an eraser, or some candy!

But wait, there's more! I've also created a special set of four larger fold cards that your kids can give to their teachers, their grandparents, or anyone else who is special to them! Sign up for my mailing list below, and I'll send you the free printable folding valentines right away.

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And download your free printable single-sided valentines here (or click on the image below)! Don't forget to capture some photos of your little ones signing them! As a family lifestyle photographer, I love to see families having fun together!