Snow Sessions

snow lifestyle photography

Lifestyle family photo sessions in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Remember when you were a kid, and a big snowstorm was coming?

You didn't worry about what the roads would be like in the morning, whether the plows would block you in your driveway, or how long it would take you to dig your way out, did you?

Your biggest concerns were whether the snow would be packing snow or powder, how soon you could get your toboggan out, and crossing your fingers that it would be a snow day from school!

Let's recapture some of that winter wonder!

You know that heavy, magical quiet that comes over the streets when they're blanketed with snow and moonlight?

None of that at these sessions!

There's no room for quiet when you're throwing snowballs, making snow angels, building forts, or making snowmen! It might be a little quieter when you're catching snowflakes on your tongue, but you can still giggle with your tongue stuck out!

These sessions are 30 minutes long, instead of the usual 60, and that's just about the right amount of time for a lot of fun before noses and toes start to get cold!

I'll narrow down the images after the session, edit the best ones, and you can choose your favourite 5 to have in digital form. Those 5 images are included in the promotional price of $175 for these sessions. If you would like to purchase additional images, they are available for $25 each.

This promotional pricing is only available for these sessions, and only for the first 5 clients who book their session, so if you'd like to take advantage, don't hesitate!

I can't wait to capture some special moments with your family in the snow! Lifestyle photography sessions are relaxed, comfortable, and fun. Contact me to book your session today!