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An Instant Summer Reading Project? - Family Photographer Kitchener-Waterloo

I feel the need…the need to read!

Hands up if you get the Top Gun reference! My favourite maverick (see what I did there?), my daughter, is heading for Grade 2 in the fall, and she worked so hard on her reading and writing skills in Grade 1 that I wanted to come up with something to help us avoid the dreaded “summer slide,” where kids slip in academic ability over the break from school. She loves to be read to, but doesn’t yet love reading out loud herself. She loves to make up stories, but prefers to draw rather than write. So I knew I’d have to be creative to come up with something that would capture her attention and not feel too much like work!

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The Most Important People - Family Photography Kitchener-Waterloo

“Come on, how about we get a picture with Mom and Dad in it?” I asked, standing on top of the playground climber with the two brothers.

“Yes!” shouted the older brother.

“Yeah, come on!” cheered the younger brother.

“Mom, Dad, come and take a picture with us,” called the older brother.

“A picture with us? Why?” joked the parents.

“Because,” replied the older brother, “you’re the most important people in our lives.”

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5 Books We Can't Stop Laughing About - Family Photography Kitchener

If your house is like our house, reading time is snuggle time! And when my kids see a new book, they can't wait to find out what it's about. If your kids are bookworms too, you'll know what I mean! And if they're not, it's never too late to encourage a love of reading and enjoying stories together. There's lots of research that shows that kids follow their parents' example, so pick up one of these stories that have us giggling, and share a laugh together!

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4 Spring Bucket List Activities (Don't Forget Your Camera!) - Fun Family Lifestyle Photography Waterloo

Spring is in the air! And after a long winter, it's such a welcome change, isn't it? If your kids are like mine, they want to be outside all the time, preferably in a mud puddle. There's so much family fun you can have in the spring. Here are 4 ideas to put on your spring bucket list, and don't forget to bring your camera along!

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