A Sweet Baking Session!


There's nothing sweeter than capturing moments together filled with love. Nothing sweeter, except maybe the cookies that Nana and her granddaughter are baking! This Christmas baking session was a fun and yummy time all around!

Isn't it adorable the way kids can be so precise with the placement of M&Ms one minute, and then fling flour all around your kitchen with total abandon the next? I love the look of total concentration here. She is going to put that marshmallow in exactly the right spot!


You can almost hear the giggles in this picture! And believe me, there were lots of giggles! Does anybody else remember happy childhood moments spent in the kitchen, beside the elbow of a parent or a grandparent, learning to measure, pour, scoop, whisk, crack eggs, and sneak a taste of the batter?


It was such a pleasure to capture these two at work. And it was also a pleasure to enjoy a cookie with them after they were done!

Baking together is definitely an activity worth capturing in a lifestyle session. It offers lots of moments of teaching, concentration, and laughter. It’s a task that’s really absorbing for kids, so they forget about the camera and just enjoy what they’re doing. That’s when you get the most genuine expressions from them, and from the adults helping them! Sure, baking is a little bit messy, but kids love to get involved, and it’s a delicious way to teach measurement, precision, and patience. It’s also a great way to make memories!


Nothing left to do now but lick the bowl, am I right? Have you ever thought of documenting what it’s like to bake with your little ones? Let me know in the comments!

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