4 Spring Bucket List Activities (Don't Forget Your Camera!) - Fun Family Lifestyle Photography Waterloo


Spring is in the air! And after a long winter, it's such a welcome change, isn't it? If your kids are like mine, they want to be outside all the time, preferably in a mud puddle. There's so much family fun you can have in the spring. Here are 4 ideas to put on your spring bucket list, and don't forget to bring your camera along!

1. Hunt for Easter eggs


Hoppy Easter! Hunting for eggs is a great chance to have some fun and capture some great moments. Kids are usually moving pretty quickly, so a fast shutter speed will help! The anticipation, the thrill of the search, the joy of the treasures found...it's all fantastic fun and makes for awesome photos.

2. Check out the playground


Your neighbourhood playground may have been closed for the winter, or it might just be great to see it without all the snow! Either way, playgrounds are a great place for fun and photos. The bright colours and diverse shapes offer lots of fun possibilities. I love to shoot sessions at parks and playgrounds! It's a guaranteed good time.

3. Play in a puddle


This one is high on my personal photography bucket list for the spring. We've got colourful rain boots and coats, and umbrellas too, so on the next rainy day, we're heading out in search of puddles! Splishing and splashing is sure to create smiles and laughter!

4. Enjoy the green grass


Spring is a great chance to play in the soft green grass before summer bakes it to a different colour and texture! Whether you've got a baby who's testing toes in the grass for the first time, or an older child who wants to jump and roll around, the soft green grass is a beautiful backdrop for playing and for taking photos!

As much as it's important to capture memories with your camera, don't forget to put it down sometimes and enjoy the moment too. Take a few photos, and then jump in with both feet and forget about taking pictures! Or better yet, let me capture the moments for you so that you can be fully engaged with your family! Watch for a special spring photo session promotion, coming soon. I'll post it to Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you're following Erin Watt Photography!