5 Fantastic Locations to Capture Fall Memories - Lifestyle Family Photography Kitchener-Waterloo

There’s a hint of coolness in the air, and a few early leaves already starting to turn. Fall is coming! Along with pumpkin spice and sweater weather, autumn brings some amazing backdrops for capturing family fun.


Here are 5 fantastic locations to capture fall memories!

1. On a trail walk


Leaves of all different colours, some on the trees and some crunching beneath your feet. There’s something about walking along a trail that gives everyone just enough focus to relax and have fun together without worrying about my camera. It also gives us an easy rhythm of walking along, pausing for a few shots, walking some more, and lots of chance to chat and get comfortable. Plus with so many trails in our area, there’s lots of great fall scenery to choose from!


2. In your backyard


The best thing about creating images in your own backyard is your level of comfort there. You and your family feel at home because you are at home! Your kids will be keen to show off all of their favourite spots and activities, and we’re sure to capture some genuine moments. You might have a tree with fall-coloured leaves, a wooden fence or deck, or something else that will make a great backdrop, and form part of the image of how you spend your time together.


3. At the apple orchard


Did you know we’re lucky to have our pick (haha!) of apple orchards within a reasonable driving distance of KW? Apple picking is a favourite family tradition in my house. A bonus is you get nice, vivid red and green colour in the orchard, and it’s often warm enough in the height of picking time not to worry about bundling up too much. The teamwork of picking apples is a great activity to engage the whole family!


4. At the pumpkin farm


Speaking of fall colours, nothing says fall like pumpkin orange! We’ve got several local pumpkin farms to choose from, and a visit to the farm is another fun tradition to look forward to in autumn. Kids love searching for just the perfect pumpkin, and in the midst of the search, we can capture just the perfect moment.


5. In a parking lot


I know what you’re thinking...what?! A parking lot doesn’t sound picturesque at all! But hear me out on this one...sometimes kids need a little green space for running around. And sometimes, the parking lot near that green space provides just the perfect opportunity, with a little positioning and a little editing, for beautiful autumn scenery!

Here (on a summer evening) is a pull-back of the spot where the above photo was taken, and an image of what was immediately to my left. It doesn't scream "beautiful location" but it's a great example of beauty in an unexpected place!

So there you go, five fantastic locations to capture some fall photos. Really, the best pictures come out of an experience that is fun and relaxed. Scenery is great, and certainly fall colours are distinctive and beautiful, but the real beauty of an image that features people is in the way their personality and emotions come through.

Do you have another idea for a location for fall fun and photos? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram!