4 Great Reasons to Choose Newborn Lifestyle Images - Newborn Photography Kitchener-Waterloo


Ahhh, the newborn lifestyle! Sleep, eat, poop, repeat, am I right? It’s a snuggly life, but someone’s gotta do it!

But when it comes to newborn lifestyle images, what are we setting out to capture, and how are they different from other newborn images? Not quite documentary, not quite posed, lifestyle images walk a nice line down the middle. I like to think of lifestyle work as you being yourself in good light. In practice, it means we’re setting out to capture everyday moments, sometimes setting them up a little bit as we go to make sure everyone is nicely lit and looking their best.


Newborn lifestyle images can include baby snuggling on their own, with family members, sleeping, eating, soothing, changing, closeup images, images that show your home, details of the nursery, details of your baby (tiny toes!), and we can even incorporate any blankets, toys, books, or other things that have sentimental importance for you and your family.


How do you know if lifestyle images are the right style for you? Read on!

1. You look for the beauty in everyday moments

You’d rather worry less about posing and more about capturing the little moments that make up your reality in those early days. Anything you’re doing is worth capturing! Snuggling, cooing, admiring, feeding, changing, soothing...whatever you’re up to is the truth of what you’re living at that moment. Believe it or not, it’s all part of what you’ll look back on one day as part of the beauty of a stage gone by. Capturing these moments beautifully now means you’ll be able to return to them again and again, and share them with family members as you tell your family’s stories.


2. You want to take the pressure off those early days

Those first days at home with your new little one are so magical, and such a blur, all at once! If you’re like me, you want to enjoy and treasure every snuggly moment in that newborn bubble without any added pressure at all. A newborn lifestyle session helps you capture and hold onto all of those little snuggly moments just a little longer, without worrying about particular poses or timing a feeding and nap for the time of your session.


3. You love images that showcase story and relationships

Your favourite images are the ones full of love and connection, and more than anything, you want your newborn session to focus on you as a family. Including family members and pets in your session is a great way to tell this chapter of your family’s story through the new connections you have. Your images can’t help but show the joy, amazement, and overflowing love that you feel for your newborn baby!


4. You believe your home is a great backdrop

Whether your home is flawlessly decorated or a happy mess, it’s where your heart is and makes a great backdrop for capturing your family. You’re comfortable and relaxed because you feel (and are!) at home. No need to bundle up your newborn and travel anywhere. I’ll come to you, and we’ll use the available light in rooms like the nursery, the master bedroom, and the living room. I advise my clients to tidy, but not sanitize. You want to find the sweet spot of being okay with what’s in the background (and making sure to include any objects that are really important to you), and also having it look like your house, not a neutral staged home that could belong to anyone. The bottom line is, just like any other session I do, I want you to feel relaxed and happy, and then you’ll look your best!


Are you thinking that newborn lifestyle images are right for you? Have some questions you’d like to ask? Ready to book? Get in touch with me and we’ll chat!