Women's March 2018

The sun glinted off witty and heartfelt signs, and made a sea of pink hats look like neon beams. A particularly bright bounce of light caught my eye, and I turned to see her: a little girl, about my daughter's age, decked out in full Wonder Woman attire.

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Erin Watt
Is Lifestyle Photography for Me?

You've decided, or maybe you're still thinking about whether it's time to have a photo session and take some beautiful family pictures. Maybe you're looking for that perfect shot for your holiday cards, or you've got a blank spot on your wall that you'd love to fill with an image that makes you smile every time you walk past it.

You've done some research, looked for some inspiration, and now you're trying to decide what style of photography will produce that perfect image you're after. Is lifestyle photography right for you?

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